I am a Software Engineer / Programmer / Hobbyist. Here is my technical background...

Technical Summary

Languages: F#, C#

Frameworks: WCF, MVC

Cloud Platforms: Azure

Professional Summary

11 years: Application developer with an emphasis on back end systems

6 years: Web Services and Integration projects

6 years: Designing Asp.net/MVC front end applications

5 years: F# and functional programing

Cornerstone OnDemand, Santa Monica CA June 2012 – Present

Senior Software Engineer


OAuth based authentications system to protect external services

Device paring for mobile applications

Stream Insight / Velocity Cache driven throttling for services

Platform development

Developed a scalable / high availability library inspired by the actor model utilizing Azure Service Bus to scale out existing and future business processes (email notification and download service to start with)

Data Science

Worked with data scientists to develop a course recommendation engine, based on K-nearest neighbor. Developed a process workflow for data acquisition and storage. Worked with domain experts to categorize users, and generate descriptive statistics.

Nowcom, Los Angeles CA July 2010 - June 2012

Senior Software Engineer

External Integration

Managed integration efforts with external partners and internal teams. Implemented fault tolerant systems which automatically recovers from hardware and systems failures with no developer intervention, and no loss of connectivity with external partner.

Merchant Services

Managed 3 developers to integrate merchant services into legacy product. Implemented a backend service for transactions using F# Agents allowing for 30 transactions/sec while maintaining a latency of 5 seconds on a single server.

Dealer Center Maintenance

Worked on maintaining the flagship Silverlight project, upgraded project from SL 3 to SL 4 and added new features and fixed bugs.

City of Hope, Duarte CA June 2007 - July 2010

Senior Software Developer

Electronic Material Transfer Agreements

An eBay style site, where Institution and their PI’s would register their materials, such as plasmids, viruses and tissues.  The site facilitates contract negotiations between the providing and requesting institutions, for the purpose of transferring the specific material.

Meta Data Form Generator

Built as a generic form generator to support quick development of data input screens.  The application interfaced with an existing Meta Data repository.  Supported server side and client side validation based on Metadata attributes. Create a DSL for business rules validation supporting cross control checks.  Generated SQL scripts derived from the Metadata for persistence and hydration.

Arthur J. Gallagher, Canoga Park CA Sept 2002 - June 2007

Software Developer

Designed and implemented a port of the branch’s legacy application to .Net

Workflow tracking tools for management’s use.

Production and profitability analysis tools for management.

Created a management system for the storage and retrieval of underwriting files at Iron Mountain.

Education and Credentials


B.A, Computer Science and Economics,Beloit College,  Beloit WI, 2002


Functional Programming through F#

Reactive Extensions


Scalable systems